March 30, 2009


I feel like cupcakes are that new, trendy delicacy. Many people--even me--will drop $5 on these itty-bitty treats and think nearly nothing it. Whereas a quick pastry/coffee run used to be the usual routine, I think more people, today, would rather slow down and indulge in something more dainty. Perhaps with the current economic state consumers are realizing it is important to value the little things. Modern brides-to-be have even opted to go with cupcake towers instead of traditional cakes.

Sweet on Massachusetts Avenue and Sprinkles (coming soon to Boston) all have winsome, but practical cupcake boxes. I am absolutely in love with Sweet's whole image: cardboard containers, loopy logo, even the background on the website (which also happens to be the wallpaper pattern inside the shop). I've had their cupcakes before, and they are just as tasty as they look. Sprinkles uses brown and minimal bright colors for its packages but the execution is wonderful. I particularly love the star-burst logo and individual cupcake boxes.


  1. Hi Kristen,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and linking to it! It looks like you have a really cool thing going here at packaging +, what a great idea. Best of luck at Emerson--my alma mater too (I graduated in 2007)!

    I've moved my blog to so please feel free to drop by anytime!

    (My Wandering Days)

  2. Thank you I will link to your wordpress :)
    Did I read that you were in Dress Codes at one time? I took that in fall 2007 I believe and loved it!

  3. cupcakes are the best :) thanks for sharing.