April 7, 2009

simple philosophy

let me start by saying that if you do not have a daily skin care regimen, please use philosophy products, they are wonderful! i have stuck with the make-up optional kit for over 2 years now. it leaves my skin super luminous and soft so i truly don't have to wear foundation. 
the microdelivery peel has vitamin c so it perks up your pores and smoothes everything out. i'm a sucker for quality products even if it demands shelling out a little extra money. philosophy is just one of those brands that i remain completely loyal to and intend on continuing so. philosophy uses a classic serif font and labels its outside packaging with optimistic thoughts. as a brand philosophy values well being and providing its customers with extensive product lines that benefit both men and women's lifestyles. 

their body & bath soaps have 3 uses: shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel. carrot cake and fresh cream are my favorite fragrances. unlike most scented body products, though, philosophy's are unbelievably realistic. many flavors come in lip gloss tubes and body lotions too. i love how the brand created different gift sets of their inclusive soaps inspired by cocktails (margaritas, mimosas, and daiquiris), birthdays (strawberry ice cream, chocolate frosting, vanilla cake), nuptials (bouquets, bubbly, wedding cake), and other celebrations. my favorite thing about philosophy? each bottle includes a recipe for whatever the scent is. not only is my body covered in deliciousness, but i can recreate that food without consulting a bulky cookbook. philosophy  is synonymous with functionality and  happy lifestyles, so it only makes sense that their packaging does the same. 

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