March 22, 2009

Tropi-Can-I Get My Old Logo Back?

There's been a ton of backlash against the new Tropicana cartons since its big reveal a few months ago. Like the many other angry masses I am not a big fan of the design. Sure it's clean and modern but Tropicana is one of those brands we grew up on. That emotional connection is there so changing the packaging to look like a generic store brand strips away what sets Tropicana apart from competitors. I feel somewhat guilty for ganging up on the "geniuses" behind this new campaign, but they should have done some research before making their black and white print ads look like a spot for fabric softener. Why on earth would you dare to mess with the perfectly skewed straw sticking out of a juicy orange? 

Consequently they're going back to the old design soon. Check this out...

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