June 7, 2009

Mrs Meyers - Clean & Bright

I spent 5 hours cleaning my apartment today, mostly because I wanted to and can't function unless dust is gone and my space is tidy. Like many I have used some "natural" products that simply haven't cleaned the way those potent heavy duty products do. Mrs Meyers really does the job, though, and smells fresh. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that doesn't really believe something is disinfected and fully clean unless you can smell the chemicals. Mrs Meyers is a great alternative if you're serious about natural products, want something gentle for baby (they have a line just for little ones), or even want your laundry to smell like geraniums. Eventually I'd like to switch the majority of my household products to Mrs Meyers.

Packaging wise this brand is on top, using pretty colors, nice spacing, and no-frills fonts that still play up the brand to make you excited about cleaning your house. The little cartoon lady is perfect too. 

*Helpful tip: Marshalls sells a limited selection of Mrs Meyers at discounted prices if you want to save a few bucks.