January 30, 2010

Wine and Gen Y

I write for The Next Great Generation, a blog written by Millennials (those born between 1982 and 2000, also known as Generation Y and Echo Boomers). It was started by some really smart people at Mullen who thought there should be a place for young adults to blog about things that are relevant to their lives. It's an educational medium that teaches other generations. Many people wonder what makes Gen Y tick, and by reading some of TNGG, people can get an insider's perspective without looking at marketing research stats.

Amidst all the technology talk people go on about, I've noticed that there's one other trend among Millennials that's slightly overlooked: wine. It's surprisingly affordable. Brands like Yellow Tail have simplified the wine buying experience so younger consumers can easily learn the difference between white and red and pick out one that suits their wants. By adding that educational element Gen Y doesn't feel so intimidated by what some consider a drink only for rich, mature consumers.

The industry has some really visually appealing labels too. Yellow Tail really has some nice colorful ones that not only look great but help differentiate which wine types are which.

I really love what The Creative Method did here with their Build Your Own labels. It's very unexpected and adds a fun, personalized touch to wine but still has a clean black and white design that's easy on the eyes.

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